Services and Solutions

Air Freight

We offer freight services around . We also provide moving your goods across the cities , across the regions and across the world. Our air freight will transport your goods with a handful of time effective way. We are also maintaining your goods and resources with flexibilities to meet your needs. We provide a professional service while handling the cargos and our goal is to meet the customer's specification.

Land Transportation

We provide movment of goods from one location to another on land usually by handling trucks and so on. We maintain your goods with comprehensive solutions for safety , time cost and environmental management for land transport system. We also provide systematic work environment and time-to-time activities with requirements and door to door service according to customer's need.

Marine Insurance

We provide global marine insurance for all types of marine risks , from private single vessels to the most complex multinational system. We provide the global marine insurance coordinate a local service around the world.

Sea Freight

Customers can access their resources and goods to transport around the globe and worldwide door to door services. Our sea freight services are cost effective and trustworthy with reliabilities. We pack a Sea Freight Container want to manage your goods and facilitate the entire shipping process according to the customer's specifications. With our best services and shipping options, you can send heavyweight to bulky items oversea economically.

Project Cargo

We can handle the transportation of oversized , heavy items or shipments that consist of complex components. We offer project cargo for chemical , valuable and dangerous cargo etc. We also include includes shipments made of various components which need disassembly for shipment and reassembly after delivery.


Warehousing service will be provided in Future. Our warehousing service will approach to distribution logistics and warehousing starts with an integration of our systems into our customers’ cargo and storage.

Custom Clearance

At ISLGroup, we understand the necessity of smooth customs clearance for customer(consignee) . Our customs clearance experts understand both the local rules and regulations , and the challenges of global business. We use this knowledge to tailor individual solutions that can help you make well-informed decisions, reduce lead time , optimise cash flow and keep taxes to a minimum. In short , save costs.

Our services cover all aspects of customs procedures and include:
  • Customs clearance for Normal General & DG (for import)
  • Customer clearance for Temporarily Importing & Drawback
  • Customers clearance for General & Fronzen(for Export)
  • Transit movements
  • Commodity classification
  • Aggregated declarations
  • Classification and validation investigation

International Trade Documents Management

Our ISL group have great knowledge of the proper trade documentation as well as the resources to execute this. At ISL ,we have specialists to assist you.
Our team of logistics specialists are experienced in managing all the documentation required to do business internationally. Our experts make sure you have the right trade documentations, authenticated by the right authorities and at the right time for you to concentrate on keeping your business running smoothly.

Our expertise covers all international trade documents including:
  • Application for MIC recommended letter (Project/Factory)
  • Application for MIC import license (Project/Factory)
  • Application for import & export license(normal)
  • Certificates of origin